A beehive can be a frightening sight, and if you have found one near your home, or at your place of business, then it is probably already causing you a lot of frustration and anxiety.

Let’s face it – whether you love bees or hate them, the sight of a hive can be very intimidating. Up to 50,000 bees could be living inside, and if you’re not careful with how you deal with the situation, you could end up with a big problem.

Consider this:

–  When you disturb a hive, even just accidentally, you have a significant risk of being stung.

–  Within just seconds of disturbing the hive, you could be swarmed – and stung – by not just one, but hundreds of bees.

–  If you are allergic to bees and you are stung by a swarm, then the consequences could be very serious. You will likely need immediate medical attention.

–  Imagine if a group of children accidentally disturbed the bees while playing or exploring. They might not even see the hive at first, but in just seconds, someone could be seriously injured.

–  If someone else is severely injured by bee stings on your property or at your business, the liability could fall back on you and your insurance company.

These are all scary, potentially disastrous situations – but the good news is: they can be avoided!

By hiring a skilled and professional beehive removal specialist , the bees are removed quickly and safely, so you can have peace of mind knowing that no one will get hurt.

What to Do if You Have a Beehive

If you have a beehive on your property , there are 3 primary steps you need to take to ensure no one gets hurt.

1) Stay away from it, if at all possible.

Remember: bees generally aren’t a threat unless you are a threat to them. The simplest way to avoid being stung is to stay away from the hive – don’t even get close to it. Inform your family members where it is, and tell them to stay away.

Of course, there will be situations in which a hive is located in a “busy” area of your home, such as a garage or your back yard. Do what you can to avoid the nest, and skip to step 3 immediately.

2) Don’t try to remove the beehive yourself.

Unless you are an expert bee remover, then don’t take any chances by attempting to remove the hive yourself. Far too many people make the mistake of trying to knock down a hive with a stick or broom, or by spraying it with insect repellent from the grocery store.

Those actions will only disturb the bees, significantly increasing the risk of someone getting hurt. Also, it will not effectively remove the nest.

3) Call an expert.

A professional bee removal expert is really the only safe and effective way to have the hive removed. They have the experience and skills to remove the hive quickly, ensuring that no one can get hurt – and they can often do it without killing the bees too.

Talk to the Beehive Removal Specialists

If you have bees on your property, the Bee Removal Specialist can help immediately . With decades of experience in bee removal and beekeeping, we can remove your bees quickly and safely – often the very same day that you call us.

We will completely remove the hive, as well as all the bees, which we’ll transfer to our own bee apiary.

Don’t take the risk of someone getting seriously hurt. Call the Bee Removal Specialist today.

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