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You Have a Beehive, NOW WHAT?

Please take these 3 steps as soon as you suspect a beehive is present:


Remember: bees generally aren’t a threat unless they feel that you are a threat to them. The simplest way to avoid being seen as a threat is to keep people, pets and equipment away from the hive.  If the hive is located near an area of your home or outdoor space that is impossible to avoid you must get immediate professional help.



Unless you are experienced to handle bees, have the proper safety equipment to prevent serious injury and employ the proper techniques in hive removal, you will more likely exasperate the problem, increase the cost of a correct solution and risk serious injury or property damage.  Some people may try and just knock down what appears to be a small nest with a broom or pole, or attempt to exterminate the bees using an “over the counter” insect repellant. These actions will only disturb the bees, which numbers of which are much greater than you will realize (until they are swarming you) and you will risk serious injury.  The odds that you will be successful in a complete extermination or removal are slim to none and it is likely that you will need to make several dangerous attempts before finding some success.  Your bee problem will recur.  Unless the entire colony is removed and all evidence of the hive and honeycomb is removed, you will be visited by other bees within a several mile area seeking to repopulate that location and enjoy the product which has been left behind.  Even the scent of a hive which has been removed, if not properly erased and masked, will attract future infestation.


An experienced bee removal professional is the only safe and guaranteed way to ensure that the bees and, as importantly, the bee hive is properly removed.  We are often called in after a client has gone to considerable expense and some injury trying to take care of the problem on their own.  Although we are glad to be of assistance at any phase of your bee problem, these client’s always remark that they wish they had “called us sooner”.

When you call the BEE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS at BEE SAFE BEE REMOVAL you can be sure you are speaking with a professional in all aspects of bee and hive removal.  We will answer all your questions using decades of shared information and have the skills to solve any size or scope of bee problems.  We offer free estimates and same day services. Our prices are reasonable and all of our work is guaranteed.  Make sure you are calling an expert and getting the best service at the best possible price!

What about Bee Extermination?  Do I need a professional?


Bee extermination is a dangerous job, which is best left in the hands of a professional wearing specific safety gear designed to protect against bee stings.  Readily available insecticides are insufficient in the extermination of an entire colony of bees.  Even the specially designed bee ad wasp exterminate sprays are designed to “kill on contact” meaning you must hit each bee with the spray in order for it to be effective.  These products are designed to kill single or small numbers of nuisance bees which may be in the area “working” and not necessarily a large scale problem. Imagine the numbers of cans of this product which would be necessary to exterminate tens of thousands of bees.  Your other problem will be that the bees you can see and access represent only a small portion of the entire colony. The hive and majority of bees in residence will be hidden from view, most likely within an interior wall space.  In this event you are literally “shooting blindly” into the space through a small gap or opening.  Obviously this will not be effective for total extermination.  The queen bee will be laying eggs to quickly replace any bees that you may actually reach with these products.  Reaching the queen is the key to effective extermination and you can believe that every other bee within that colony will be protecting her from your reach.  In other words, she will be the “last bee” you hit.  Additionally, any bees which are successfully exterminated in this manner will be left within the space the colony is located.  Dead bees trapped within an enclosed space will cause a very unpleasant odor and pose additional risk of damaging the structure.

What is far more likely than you having any measurable success in a “do it yourself” extermination attempt is that you will disturb the colony, causing the bees to literally sound the alarm that they are under attack and causing them to act aggressively to protect themselves and their hive.  You run great risk for serious injury for very little chance at success.

By Hiring a Bee Removal Specialist to examine and treat the problem you are saving yourself the risk of serious injury, protecting your property from prolonged damage and ensuring that all the bees are removed.  Also by calling a professional the bees most likely can be spared.  We are best equipped to remove the bees live, for relocation to a bee farm (apiary) or back out into the wild.


During the summer months and into the fall seasons we expect to see bees buzzing around outside.  Particularly when our outdoor spaces provide them with the plants they use for food or there is a Beehive Dallas |Bees Creating A Hivesource of water.  These bees may be working alone, or in small groups around a bush or fountain in the yard or there may be lots of these groups of bees happily enjoying your flowers or pool.  These bees will generally come and go, particularly during the nicest parts of the day and will not act aggressively toward you.  We like to call these bees happy guests.  If, however, you are seeing an unusually large number of bees, even dead bees, particularly in one defined area, you may be dealing with a colony that is not “visiting” but has made that space their home, in other words, these bees “live there”.  If you see what looks like a line of bees coming and going from one particular area, it is almost certain they have a hive there.

If you see bees in your home, even just a few, you can be certain there is a hive located somewhere within that structure.  This hive will most likely be located behind a tiny gap or opening maybe at the eaves, gutter, a window frame, or where two building materials have come together (where your brick meets your siding).  This situation should be the most alarming to you as it poses the most danger to you, your family and guests and will lead to property damage if not thoroughly removed.

By calling us with your questions we will be able to quickly provide you with advice about the seriousness of your bee situation. We have the experience to assess most situations over the phone oftentimes providing valuable advice as to whether or not you require a visit by a beekeeper.  There is never a charge for our expertise in this regard so you have nothing to lose by calling.

If your situation calls for a bee removal expert you are assured of a free estimate, fast and professional service and guaranteed satisfaction with the result.



It is always best to leave bee removal to the experts, BUT there are some steps that you can take to minimize the risk and cost of the situation.  Call BEE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS for professional advice to assist with your specific situation.  There is never a cost to you for our advice.

Early in the spring is the best time to take steps to make your property less attractive to the many bees which will be swarming (looking for a place to build a new hive and begin producing honey).  Take care in inspecting all areas of your property and home for bee activity while

Look especially closely to protected areas under awnings and eaves, at your fences, under patio, shed or garage coverings.  Be on the lookout for any cracks or gaps which could allow bees access to the interior of the structure.  This is definitely the time to caulk and repair any openings you find.

Keep dead limbs and foliage trimmed from your property. Fill openings and holes with filler or cement.  Have any dead trees removed as soon as possible as these make prime real estate for bees to establish new hives.

Get Help from the Beehive Dallas Experts!

If you have a beehive on your property (even if you don’t know the exact location), get immediate assistance from the Bee Removal Specialists.

We are a local bee control company, specializing in beehive Dallas removal and beekeeping. Our vast experience enables us to tackle virtually any problem, from a small spring hive to massive swarms in your backyard. We use safe and effective methods to capture the bees (rather than killing them), and we will even remove the hive and make any necessary repairs.

We stand by our work and are committed to providing fast, courteous service. In fact, we can come to your location the same day you call us!

Call us to speak to our bee control experts now.

How do I find the right bee removal company? Here are some important questions to ask.

1. Do you have experience removing bees from a wall?

Removing honeybees from a wall requires carpentry experience. A novice beekeeper can cause more damage than good if they are not experts in carpentry.

2. What is the process of removing bees from a wall?

An experienced beekeeper will identify the location of the bees with an infrared camera, use a smoker to calm the bees, use a bee vacuum and other professional tools to remove the honeybees safely, extract the hive, clean the affected area, apply pesticide to deter honeybees from returning to the empty hive, fill the open area with insulation and replace the wall with the original material whenever possible.

3. Do you have pictures of honeybee removals from walls?

Trustworthy honeybee removal companies will have plenty of pictures. Choose a company that has more than just a few examples.

4.How long have you been a beekeeper?

Because there are many species of bees, a beekeeper must have extensive knowledge of the different techniques to safely and effectively remove the bees.

5. How long have you been in business?

Make sure they have a valid business license and have many years of experience in the bee removal field.

6. Do you have references?

A reputable bee removal company will have good ratings online on platforms such as Google. Be wary of businesses that have too few good reviews. It’s not unusual for novice companies to ask friends and family to create favorable reviews.

7. Do you guarantee your work?

Read the warranty or guarantee agreement carefully. A good bee removal company will warranty a removal requiring a repair for at least a year.

8. Do you have insurance?

Some companies operate with little or no insurance. Companies should have both liability and workman’s compensation insurance. This is a good precaution against accidents caused by bee smokers causing fires or beekeepers falling from roofs or trees.

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