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When looking for the right Colorado Springs Bee Removal Company, always ask the bee removal service if they are beekeepers. That’s one way of finding out if they really know something about bees and if they really care about their survival. We are beekeepers, and we have been for over 30 years. Bee Safe Bee Removal Specialist started out as a beekeeping company and then graduated into offering other services.
We now remove yellow jackets, wasp, cicada killers, hornets of all types, bumble bees, bee control and of course bee hive removal and swarm removal. Usually the reason why most people will call a Colorado Springs bee company first after discovering their stinging insect problem is because they don’t have an extra bee suit laying around the house.
Bees act as their very own AC system. They use their wings to keep the honeycomb at a cool 94° degrees while the temperature outside may be 110°. We know how to get rid of bees humanly, and there is more to removing bees and wasp than just a bee suit and a can of wasp killer. We have learned to remove a bee hive alive without having to ever use any chemicals.
It’s a really great feeling when you open up someone’s house and find a massive bee hive inside working away to make its sweet honey. The honey is usually what we call, “Our Bonus”. We enjoy relocating swarms to our bee yards in Colorado Springs. To us, each swarm of honey bees, is like a wild animal. The difference with trapping bees verses wild animals is, we actually take the bees back to our property and give them a new home. We build our own bee boxes and frames. We like to keep twenty or more empty boxes available at all times for new arriving swarms.
Some days we can pick up three to four bee swarms in a single afternoon. We use several different locations around Colorado Springs as our apiary. On a daily basis during the swarming season, we will pick up swarms of honey bees and drop them off at one of our apiaries, usually at the location that is closer. Finding the queen is almost impossible when the bees are grouped up in a ball shaped figure. After we place a swarm into a bee box full of frames, we then search for her and find her. For some reason, this is one of my favorite little things to do when working with the bees.
Bee Removal in Colorado Springs is a specialty business. Here in Colorado Springs you won’t find a lot of pest control companies offering bee removal. Many people don’t want to get into a profession where part of the job is getting stung on a daily basis. We cover the entire Colorado Springs area. Here in Colorado Springs, most homes are made with wood eaves. This is exactly what bees are looking for. The honey bees’ natural home is a hollowed out tree, which is wood. So they are naturally attracted to your wood eave or between the walls where they find a lot of wood.
In order to remove a bee hive from an eave or from between the floors of a house, you must first smoke the bees. This is the most important step to take in order to get the bees to calm down. The smoke covers the attack scent and also causes the honey bees to think that the bee hive is on fire. Instincts cause the honey bee to salvage as much honey as possible when the hive is on fire.
Once we get in there, we see most of the bees sucking up the honey as fast as they can. This makes our job much easier. While the bees are busy sucking down the honey, we start cutting out the wax combs and honey and place each section into the bee box. Now after all of the honey and hive has been scraped out and the cavity washed thoroughly, we will pack the cavity full of insulation. Our job is not finished until the house looks like it was never touched. Our highly skilled carpenters do all of the repair work and they seal all that was opened up. This really gives our customers peace of mind, so that they don’t have to look for a contractor who will hopefully do a good job. Bee Safe Bee Removal Specialist is the best choice when looking for a professional bee removal company to do the job right the first time.
Bee Safe Bee Removal Specialists is now serving Colorado Springs Colorado and surrounding areas, including:
Colorado Springs, Alta Vista,Black Forest, Broadmoor, Buttes, Calhan, Cascade, Chipita Park, Cimarron Hills, Colorado Springs, Duffield, Eastonville, Ellicott, Elsmere, Falcon, Fort Carson, Fountain, Glen Eyrie, Glen Park, Gleneagle, Henkel, Ivywild, Kelker, Knob Hill, La Foret, Manitou Springs, Midway, Minnehaha, Monument, Palmer lake, Papeton, Peyton, Pikeview, Pine Crest, Ramah, Rock Creek Pprk, Roswell, Rush, Security, Shirley, Skinners, Stratmoor, Stratmoor Hills, Stratton Meadows, Truckton, Widefield, Wigwam, Woodmoor, Yoder

How do I find the right bee removal company? Here are some important questions to ask.

1. Do you have experience removing bees from a wall?

Removing honeybees from a wall requires carpentry experience. A novice beekeeper can cause more damage than good if they are not experts in carpentry.

2. What is the process of removing bees from a wall?

An experienced beekeeper will identify the location of the bees with an infrared camera, use a smoker to calm the bees, use a bee vacuum and other professional tools to remove the honeybees safely, extract the hive, clean the affected area, apply pesticide to deter honeybees from returning to the empty hive, fill the open area with insulation and replace the wall with the original material whenever possible.

3. Do you have pictures of honeybee removals from walls?

Trustworthy honeybee removal companies will have plenty of pictures. Choose a company that has more than just a few examples.

4.How long have you been a beekeeper?

Because there are many species of bees, a beekeeper must have extensive knowledge of the different techniques to safely and effectively remove the bees.

5. How long have you been in business?

Make sure they have a valid business license and have many years of experience in the bee removal field.

6. Do you have references?

A reputable bee removal company will have good ratings online on platforms such as Google. Be wary of businesses that have too few good reviews. It’s not unusual for novice companies to ask friends and family to create favorable reviews.

7. Do you guarantee your work?

Read the warranty or guarantee agreement carefully. A good bee removal company will warranty a removal requiring a repair for at least a year.

8. Do you have insurance?

Some companies operate with little or no insurance. Companies should have both liability and workman’s compensation insurance. This is a good precaution against accidents caused by bee smokers causing fires or beekeepers falling from roofs or trees.

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4 How to Get Rid of Bees – Do’s and Dont’s.
DO call a professional immediately.
This is the single most important step of bee removal! If you have a bee problem, it’s imperative that you use a professional bee removal expert to fix the situation for you. Their experience, knowledge and skills enable them to effectively remove the bees, quickly and safely, ensuring that no one gets hurt…

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